Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wall hanging

 Wall Hanging 
I am making this for the exhibition we are having here in Port Augusta , the first weekend in June.
 I have found it easier to  join each hexagon in strip from as above 

Then join the strips to form the full flower as in the left photo. I tried to take a photo up close to show the strips. When I have made hexagon quilts in the past I have made each flower from the centre out to the edge but because these are so small only 1/2 inch I was always starting and stopping.  

Here is part of the main panel made.Once I  include the single flower I have two more rows to add.
Below is what the finished wall hanging is supposed to look like when I have it all finished
I am using different colours. all I have done so far is the centre panel and I have all the flower hexagons cut out and tacked onto there papers ready to make the side spray. I am looking for wood grain fabric for the boarders I want to make it look like a picture frame. 

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