My home spun Yarn

raw wool free from Charles the sheep , it had the longest staple I have ever nice to spin                                
 Black Alpaca Knitted into a shawl.  Plied with machine embroidery Thread to keep it lace weight. 
 Slivers wool and silk from Ashford new Zealand 
 Ashford slivers spun on grandma's electric wheel
 Slivers plied with Purple machine embroidery thread.
 This Plait was brought from Kathy fibres.
have a look at her group in Ravelry as well , Kathy has some fantastic fibres.
Plait unravelled waiting for inspiration to get it spun. I am unsure how to ply it. 

Yarn Dyeing

 I spent every spare moment dyeing this past week, now I need to sell some to be able to make more lovely coloured yarn and fibre for spi...