Friday, December 15, 2017

A Sock blank

I gave one of my striped sock blanks to my friend Helen to knit up so I can see how it will work for socks . I think it looks amazing

Diy sock blanks

I have wanted to try dyeing sock blanks but they work out quite expensive if I want to sell them on after dyeing . I brought a 42 needle round knitting machine from Lincraft last time I was in Adelaide.
I used my normal sock undyed merino and polyamide  and used two thread at a time well its a bit of work but well worth it once the blank is knitted , dyed washed and wound

I took a bit of practice to get the machine to not drop a stitch but then I realized for the blank it didn't matter at all. 😺 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas tree

Tonight is the Christmas dinner for Quilting. We are traveling around 40 km to Quorn .( In the Flinders Rangers) for the meal by bus this year . Just for something different. Amongst other things we assessments make a table decoration. Here is my effect. It would have been cheaper to buy something but it is supposed to be hand made .
We are getting someone else's table centre . It will be interesting to see what I get.:-)

Etsy Shop open

After a lot of thinking and playing with dyeing I have opened my Etsy shop here is the link . I have decided to give a bonus to the first person to buy something from my shop but its only from here so in your comment write AugustaCrafter 2017 . I love how the dyeing went but the photographing is hard to get the colours to show.

Augusta Crafter Etsy Shop

Arrow Shawl

I brought some lovely yarn from a Spotlight store near were one of our son's and his family live. Our granddaughter Kate helped choose which coloured one to buy. The pattern is from Ravelry
and is for hand spun yarn so I will have to try that next
Boom Shawl

Friday, March 24, 2017

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Worlds smallest

Wayne and I spotted this trailer at the Pt Augusta wharf festival last saturday . it  must be one of the smallest car trailers

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Premo Polymer Clay

Over the last few months I have rediscovered polymer clay . I had used sculpey lll years ago and just stopped and my clay went hard and cooked it self in my craft shed. In April I was asked to teach polymer clay buttons for a knitting spinning retreat. so I had to get out my pasta machine and buy some clay and practice . Two Girlfriends visited on a saturday so I could practice my lesson plan on them . All went very well. I had 11 Students for the morning lesson at camp and they all made a selection of lovely buttons and some made handles for their crochet hooks. I think that they were happy with the morning's work. everyone took home some lovely buttons.

 I was in love with the new premo clay . it seemed so much better than before. I have spent quite a bit on clay and new tools and paints.I have been using some great youtube videos to relearn and learn how to make things with polymer clay  I really like
and have subscribed to both of there channels and a couple more.

 here are a few things i have made , practicing their methods
Fairy door
Fairy door 

Mo's crochet cane

A Sock blank

I gave one of my striped sock blanks to my friend Helen to knit up so I can see how it will work for socks . I think it looks amazing