Thursday, April 14, 2011

Too much Knitting

I have spent the last day with aching shoulders and arms. I think I have to have a rest from all this knitting to order. I will try and be strong and say no. I am planning on not knitting and going back to my beading which is my favourite pass time. I also have to get the mystery knitting  pattern ready for the spinners and weavers retreat. I don't know what it will be yet but when I work that out I will then have to split the pattern up into days. every day the ladies will get a clue with a few rows of knitting but no photos so they have no idea what they are making. The first year they found it quite hard because when you knit you have a photo so you know what the instructions are telling you. I have worked out the workshops and that has been posted . I have restricted the amount of classes this year because last year we had to many and not one person finished and had to complete it at home.
Group hard at work on rug hooking 2010

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