Tuesday, April 26, 2011


On Saturday we went to the Whyalla to do some shopping. Carly and our son Dylan are getting married early next year. She has asked me to make the table decorations, she would like hand made silk flowers. We could not get the fabric here in Port Augusta we don't have a fabric store only a small quilting shop. We found the colours she wanted now all I have to do is make them. I made three while they were here to make sure I was on the right track, she was very happy and took them home to show her mother. I brought some sock yarn two balls for $5 to knit Wayne some more socks and some full priced blue shown above I wanted to try out a patterns from my yahoo groups knitting delights. I am happy with how the scarf is going after trying out several patterns and unravelling it again. Carly was very happy with the make up bags and I thought she would only want a few but she loved them all, she put her hand bag make up into one of the tri corner ones right away. Its nice to make gear for people who show  appreciation .......

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Spinning and Dyeing

My dyed fibre being spun dyed yarn on the line drying