Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Table cloth

The fantastic table cloth is finished and Looks huge on my table. I am so happy with it and only 6 weeks of hard work to get it finished ! 

 I don't think I want to do this sort of work all the time. I was even dreaming about crocheting it. I just hope my aunt loves is as much as I do. The butterfly's around the bottom edge are great ,Really finishes off the whole pattern .Now we can go to Cowell for our holiday and I don't have to worry not getting this finished.  


Dinah said...

Beautiful! And isn't it amazing how much it weighs??? :) Any idea where I can find the pattern? It's been long enough since I finished my 6' round one that I might consider starting this beautiful project! Thanks for sharing.

Augusta crafter said...

This was in Crochet monthly I was lucky to be given boxes and boxes of these magazines I could scan it for you.

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