Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beaded needle case

 Base beaded in a strip pattern.
 the wording is completed. Looking good !
 I didn't have the right colour with me but its easy to change the colour's. 
Well on the way to the top of this case. 
I am using Delic beads for the first time. I asked on one of my beading groups which beads are the best , all the responses said delica were the best. I brought some of the net and I am very happy with the way these beads sit, very neat all the same size. I was able to get a few more colour's on our way home. They were a bit costly but they are worth it. I brought 3 gram packets at $2.99 a packet, I don't really know if that was more or less that the usual price.

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Mary Coover Hiniker said...

Very pretty design. I have great respect for anyone that can graph out designs. It's not the easiest thing for many people. The colors are very pretty. Haven't looked around your blog much yet, but will as I can. Want to see if you've done any designs on the shorter cases.

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