Monday, March 14, 2011

Fishing trip

Wayne's family are meeting up here at about 11 am today. His two brothers and there wives as well as his mother and father, we have rented a cottage in Cowell which is about 180 km south from Port Augusta , The fishing is usually quite good. We are taking our boat and one of his brothers has his boat , so guys who want to fish every day are able to all go. I am not able to get up and in our boat since my back injury. Wayne's mum and I plan on getting lots of craft work done over the next 7 days. One sister in law knits a bit  so she will join in , but the other one is a real fisher person and will be out with the boys every day. I really hope they catch a few fish. Though the chances are not good the tides are wrong the weather is not the best according to the boys all ready, so the reasons for no fish have started before we even leave home !
  Cowell mainstreet.jpg
As you can see Cowell harbor named Franklin harbor is sheltered from the open ocean.  

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