Monday, March 21, 2011

Fishing Hoilday

We are back from our fishing adventure.
 Above is our car with the boat attached ready for the trip to Cowell, on the Eyre peninsula S.A
We had a slow trip because of the boat also we could not get the keys to the cottage we rented until after 4pm.
 Here is the three bedroom cottage we had rented for the week. The amenities were good but I think cream carpet through out was a mistake for a beach rental. The front verander  was great to sit under in the mornings, knitting or just to read a book under.The back had a pergola which was lovely most afternoons. 
Here are five blue swimmer crabs waiting to be cooked and then eaten. Yum !  
 40 crabs were cooked and pickled over the week.We could have had a lot  more but they take a lot of work to get them out of there shells and into the jars.
 Above are the three fished men after a long day on the ocean, Wayne is on the left then his brother Gary in the middle  and  John there father on the right. Its not hard to see they are related 
 Fridays catch , they caught a variety of species, snapper, tommies , whiting and flounder  
We had Aussie BBQ's most nights . Wayne's other brother Rodney and his father are cooking here.
We all had a great break and I got a lot of knitting of the cardigan I am knitting for a friend's husband. I did get a bit of beading done as well because you can't knit all the time. I also visited my cousin who is an oyster farmer in Cowell it was get to see how much his family have grown in the last year.

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