Thursday, February 3, 2011


Starry Night Quilt
I stated this quilt last year and then got bored with it and put it in the maybe finish cupboard. Well I needed something to do at quilting that was hand work so I fished it out. I had to even up the sides and now I can work on one edge and make it long enough to us as a bed quilt . I am using the English paper piecing  method. I am now happy with how its turning out. I may put it into the quilt exhibition or guild is having in  June. I am the president of the Port Augusta  guild and I should put at least one quilt in. My quilts are not as good at quilting as some of the ladies are but I try.

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Adele Michelsen said...

I have a project like this one. It's an English paper pieced quilt, but mine is the Grandmother's Flower Garden with the 3/4" hexagons. I cal it my "Insanity Quilt". It already has almost 3,000 pieces put together and another 3,000 to go. I'm almost ready to pick it up again.

A Sock blank

I gave one of my striped sock blanks to my friend Helen to knit up so I can see how it will work for socks . I think it looks amazing