Sunday, February 27, 2011


We are going on a fishing trip with Wayne's family in march. I can't get in our boat because of my back so I am taking some craft gear to work on while they are out in the boat all day. I have started the hexagon wallhanging for the exhibition and will have a few beading patterns as well . I have started some knitting last night. I had knitted this wool up but didn't like it so I unravelled the whole thing. This was harder than I thought because I had knitted the cardigan in entrelac   in one piece and it didn't unravel as easy as normal knitting dose. So now its all ready to re knit, I have decided to knit a top down style jacket thing. Last year at a knitting retreat I brought a book called button up your top down and I am now knitting a jacket with a nice collar from this book.  
I don't think I have enough yarn with just the pink/ grey yarn so I am going to add the dark grey. I really don't like strips but I don't have a lot of choice. At least but doing this from the top down I can space the strips out evenly over the whole jacket.  

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