Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Interchangeable knitting needle bag

I have spent the last few days trying to make a new bag to hold my interchangeable knitting needles. They came in a folder with plastic envelopes but the sliders brake and I have brought several new envelopes which were supposedly stronger, But they have broken as well. Once the slider brakes they can't be opened without cutting them open. I looked on Pinterest and found several patterns that rolled up. I cut out all the pieces but found another idea so re-cut the bits. I started making this roll up case only to find another idea which was a bag but there was no pattern included :( .  So here is my attempted at making a better bag. It seems to hold all my bits and bobs for knitting except the accentual knitting. Wayne pointed out this small over site. Maybe I will make a mark two. ( I also made a little zipped bag for the ends and markers)

Bag out - side view

All bits and bobs in place

A first for me zipper pocket insert , I watched a you tube video and  Wa-lah I did it. But you may notice I have put the zip in left handed . Its fine for me as I am left handed .

Small bag of all the ends and stitch markers. ( see below)

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Teena said...

Tammy showed me this bag @ the Adelaide Hills Spinners &Weavers Camp and I have ordered one .They are Brilliant!!

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