Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flower in our yarn

We have a cactus garden in our front yard this plant has been in the bed for a years but has never flowered  last week it was just taler than the leaves. Its growing at a very fast rate about 3 inches a day. I can't wait to see the flower.

As you can see our front yard is very dry and we have just finished winter. believe it or not we had a good winter too.

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Ginger said...

Congratulations on your flowering cactus! I know how exciting it is for something unexpected (or even expected/hope-for) to happen in the garden! I'm going to monitor your blog for the flower picture!
BTW Enjoy summmer says the one on the cusp of winter. (I no likie cold weather. :-( )
Ginger Long Island New York USA 3 weeks until the dreaded season

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