Monday, August 20, 2012

Knitting board

My cousin's Sian and Carolyn visited the retreat on Thursday . Sian also brought along the newest member of the family Coby (?) I hope I have his name right. He is only 8 weeks old so needs his mum. Carolyn crochets beautifully but says she can't knit but has mastered the knitting board ( loom) . I have sent the round ones of these but could not see what to do with it once you have made several hats. Her board was a rectangle and she was making a sampler of stitches for a scarf. I was interested , I always need something new to try so I rang the craft shop who attended the retreat on Monday . Ally the dropped the 10 inch board for me on Friday morning. then on our way home we stopped at spotlight and I also brought the plastic board . I am now thinking of getting the all in one board from
 I will see if I can find in in Australia , if not I will have to order it from U.S.A. 

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Carolyn said...

Fox Collection - are distributors for the Authentic Knitting Board in Australia.

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