Free beading patterns 2010

Father Christmas face for earrings 

brick stitch the face and then come out the top red bead and make a loop of 7 white beads.
next bring thread out the white bead with the * now bead beard as follows
20 white turn back up 19 come out of next bead down.
20 back up 19 come out next bead 
20 back 19
19 back 18
20 back 19
19 back 18
24 back 23
30 back 29
24  back 23
19 back 18
20 back 19
19 back 18
20 back 19
20 back 19
20 back 19
here is the finished father Christmas.
Enjoy Beading him

How to make a pen cover
When I first learnt beading I found a site on the internet which was very helpful, I have not been able to find it the web address dose not seem to be active now.So here is my First attempt at a tutorial on a pen cover starter
 String on 20 size 11s beads using two colours. left over beads are great for this.

                                             Tie the 20 beads into a ring over the pen you plan to cover.
 next row use one colour. Pull tight as you go.
next row use the next colour . 
 next row use first colour, pulling it tight 

 you should now have beaded 7 rows not counting the ring at start.
 now end off by running the thread through and tie it off.
run the tail at the start through a few rows and tie it off as well.
you now have your starter made you can reuse this every for every pen cover you make.
I find it a great help because when you start peyote stitch the first few rows are not the best, the starter also gives you something to hold onto that fits tight on the pen.

 now you are ready to start your pattern you plan to use. tie a bead to your thread not to tight you want to untie it later.
run your needle through any bead on your last round of your starter. start your chart bead about 15 rows of the pen cover pattern you are using when you have a inch or so untie your start bead and detach your starter by unraveling the first row and tie the length of thread though your beading and cut off. 


Using my patterns - I design them for your personal use.
The best way to print the chart you wish to use is to copy the image and the past and print 
using word or similar. 
All colour's mentioned are just a guide change to suite yourself.

Amulet bag 
using Delic beads or 11s
Three different Blue's from Dark to very light
Three different Red's from Dark to very light
Three different Green's from Dark to very light
Three different Purple's from Dark to very light
Three different Orange's from Dark to very light
Peyote stitch in a tube 
following the above chart twice.
I have drawn the chart in a haft format.
the finished bag is big enough to fit a mobile Phone.
Hope you enjoy


Pen Cover
Bead around pen as you go in tube peyote stitch
11s or delic beads
Green for background
mix of flower colour (maybe left over beads from other projects)
cream for center's of flower

Field of flowers  Pen Cover
Net stitch , around pen as you go pulling tight as you go
Beads 11s or Delic
Green for background
yellow for center of flower

I hope you can understand my charts
after row 4 you repeat from row 2 until you have covered the pen then close in the end and put a tassel on the end
I called this pen the Field of flowers

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