Friday, February 22, 2013


I am going to Lake Cullulleraine for a fire camp again this April . We got our list of what things we are asked to supply like a 4 mm crochet hook, some differ-ante wool ply etc. this year we were all sent a pattern to have completed before camp. I started mine but got frustrated with the idea . I knit lots of sock, Wayne really loves my socks for fit and wear. This pattern was strange . Knitted flat on two needles then you knit across the top of the foot once the toe was finished you picked up all the stitches around the foot and knit the sole. Interesting once finished but not something I am going to knit again.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I am mastering  my Majacraft Aura Wheel slowly but surly. I brought two plaits from Kathy's Fibres and two bags of silk in the colour way called ocean. I split the plaits into 8 sections then spun the merino into a fine single . the slik was then treated the same and spun into as fine a single as I could. I then plied the two singles together but run out of sink half way through. I could have brought some more silk but just plied the the rest of the merino together with itself.I had 200 cm's x 156 rounds =  312 meters of  silk wool mix and the same of merino merino mix.

I found this top down vest pattern on Ravelry and because I had no idea really how far my yarn would knit I thought top down would be best . I joined at the underarm and completed to cuff/ band then cast off the sleeves. I then knitted the body as far as I was able. the length is OK but I would like it just a bit longer but its very how the colour has blended and its so soft and cuddly 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bamboo socks

I have a pair of socks in my handbag to knit while waiting for a doctor or and appointment. I had to had wait at a blood test for 2 hours last week and finished the handbag socks for Wayne  I made him a pair of bamboo socks a few years ago and he loves them very much so last retreat I brought some more yarn to make him another pair but the ball was a bit on the short side and the are only ankle length  

2018 Retreat

This years retreat only saw 14 ladies attending full time , three others were just day people. Tuesday - Mum taught faux felt book covers ...