Monday, August 29, 2011

Hats for Dylan

We spent the last week in Port Lincoln. Our youngest son Dylan had an op on his heel. He plays Aussie rules football which causes heel spurs to form . He just needed a bit of company and some help with getting around. I was not able to do much but I did knit several hats for him and his fiance. 

 As you can see the hat fits quite well on Dylan's head, he was very happy with all of them. I now have an order for another one.
The trip home is long and a bit boring but wattle is all out in flower. The parking bays were very pretty because we have had a bit of rain this winter.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Knitting nick nacks

Crochet hook holders


sewing needle holder
The top two  Wooden tools were brought while at the retreat, every day we had a shop of some sort. I had been looking for the Nostepinde pin for a long time and this one was only $10 from a member of the spinners and weavers guild . he makes al-sorts of wooden tools and pins . the crochet hook tubes were the last of his stock he said he was not making them any more so I garbed the last two and they were only $12 each. The needle case at the bottom was given to me by a lady at mum's quilting group . he husband had made them a few years ago and she found a box of them and gave everyone one each. He died about three years ago so it means even more to me .I am hoping to use it for my beading needles.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More yarn

While I was at the retreat I learnt how to paint yarn. It was so easy that I found some white yarn that I had in my stash that was just waiting for my to learn how to make it fantastic ! the top one is some lace weight that's about 600 meters, I will get a lovely shawl out of it now. The second one is sock yarn that was cram and I just's squirted dye onto and wow what an effect I got. I don't think its repeatable though even with the same colours.   The last one is sock yarn brought at the retreat in white. Kathy had a few hanks left over and I dyed it at mum's. I was aiming for a colour Wayne would like but its a bit pink in places.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


While I was at my mothers I went to a great yarn store and brought the above yarn . I did't really need more but what the hell it was there begging me to take it home. I have lots of lace weight now ready to knit and then try and sell because I can't wear all of them. The red is lorna's lace yarn then some of Kathys silk and wool mix sock yarn the brown misty is for me to keep because I seem to have sold all my shawls. The pink and grey is going into a hats fro Dylan and Carly my son and daughter in law, its so soft it will make a lovely hat and a slouch Tam for Carly. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spinners and weavers retreat

I have just returned home from my four day spinners and weavers retreat.Four days at the camp and then another week recovering at my parent's, not that I didn't visit some great craft shops that are not in the country area's  The name of the camp may put some people of ,if you don't spin or weave but its only the name of the group who organise the camp. This year it rained most days and all night , we were all kept warm by an open fire. 
The camp started at 10 am on Monday most of the ladies arrived before lunch  which was the only meal not supplied.
  As the  workshop coordinator I gave out the tote bags with yarn and the first clue to there mystery knitting project. ( thanks to my great testers from knitting paradise knitting and crochet forum for getting my pattern right for me) at 4.30 our first daily shop arrived its an Internet only shop with some lovely yarn and great fibre for spinning here is the link
Craft alley's Shop!

Some Ladies completing there census forms
Dinner at 7pm and then the night was spent knitting etc. with no interruptions.The only real problem was the country decided to have a census on Tuesday night .
Rolling bubble wrap containing fibre, wrapped around a pool noodle  
 The first work shop started which was felting. I am now hooked on this . I have since had great complements on my scarf and as you can see from the photos every one's efforts were amazing.
A collection of scarf's drying 

V showing how to needle felt. 
On Wednesday I taught with my mother how to crochet from a chart and Crocodile Stitch. I didn't get any photos because I was a bit busy but the ladies got how to read a chart . After Dinner on Wednesday we had a wine tasting by Woodstock winery. , I didn't try very much , it doesn't mix with my pain relief. The winery is just across the road from were the camp is held.

Thursday was a very busy day because I had to organize 26 ladies who all wanted to learn how to pain yarn. in the end I had a morning group and an afternoon one. I was very impressed with how well Kathy taught such large groups her method.Kathy has a great web site and sends her painted yarn and roving's world wide here is her link Its well worth having a look.
Denise poring on her colour choice. 

Sian dying her sock yarn

Now do I repeat this bit?

Drying yarn

more yarn

love these colours.

   The sock yarn came in two weights , thick like a sports weight and a normal sock weight. I was amazed how easy it was to paint the yarn. we had to then wait for the pots to come to the boil and then simmer the yarn for 45 minuets and then it was left to cool. It was very hard to wait for such a long time to see what we had created.
  Every morning I handed everyone a new clue to there mystery knitting project. Its fun to see how some knitters need the a picture of what they are knitting to understand the instructions. 

 I was trying to confuse the ladies this year,I  had them knitting different toys but I was told on the second morning what one lady was knitting, Thanks Helen I thought it would take longer this year but she didn't tell anyone so the rest of the group were confused until the last day. The rabbits , teddy's and cats will be given to the fire department as trauma toys. I had a great retreat this year and hope everyone who attended did as well , I am looking forward to next years all ready ! 
Ladies busy spinning

Lots of time to gossip and knit.

Diana's crochet squares ready to join. The rug will then be donated to wraps with love. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Free pattern

I have been playing around with a Celtic design. Instead of waiting until next month here it is . let me know what you think and should I keep going with this theme ?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bad Cat !

We had just finished  a nice lunch of tomato soup, out side under our pergola. The whole time I was eating Zav was watching every mouthful , waiting for some. As soon as I put the bowl down on the table he was licking the dregs . I didn't know cats liked Tomato's or is he just nuts!.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Friends, what would we do with out them..

This is Kathy my pen friend  of about 12 years I think,we now email each other. Much fasted chats. She lives in Alabama. Which is a bit far for me to visit but we did see each other for a month in 98. Kathy and her youngest daughter spent a month here in Australia, Then I went over there for a month the next year. It was the best. I just loved all the great craft stores.She is the big sister I never had! Well Kathy is going into Hospital on the 4th . I wish I could be there with her but that's imposable . I just hope she is OK. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Palm Transplant

We have just transplanted this pony tail palm , I hope it grows. friends of ours had it growing in there garden and were not happy with the noise with wind makes in its leaves .If we didn't want to have a go  at transplanting it they were going to remove it. I have no idea if we did it at the right time but its in place now and its being watered daily until we get some rain . We can only hope for the best.

August Free patten

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