Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I found this pattern on the school house press site. They are called a footlet I am planning on making a band around the top( ankle ) this will make them stay on my feet better I think. The chart and pattern was very easy to follow. Now that I have made one pair I am planning on using the pattern to make more with my designs on the top of the foot.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hidden Wells Quilt

I had a great day yesterday, 17 September our guild had a special workshop were we made a quilt top in a day.
The pattern is called Hidden wells.
The interested ladies were told to bring 1 mt of a bold floral or pattern and 4 other fabrics that blend at least a 35cm piece of each. 
Above is my blocks placed out ready to sew together. I have not ironed them, once this was done I was ready to sew them in strips then the strips in to the quilt top. 
This one is Jayne's she moved them to her sewing machine then some how mixed them up and had to sort them again.
This one is Joan's her top looks a bit different because she some how lost a whole strip but it looks fine.
I am holding the finished top, I was amazed how quick this strip method was. Jayne is behind me sorting out her blocks for the second time.

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