Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012 Retreat Day 3

The day started the same as yesterday with a bush walk then breakfast. Today's class is using carders and spinning wheels.  The morning class is funky spinning. I have to tell you my camera's battery died and I forgot my tablet took photos so there are no pic's of today's class , I am really sorry. The best way to make this roving  is no to look at what you are putting together just grab bits of  all different fibers spread on a table,  Left over roving , silk, bits of wool, feathers yarn , and fabric bits . anything thing that  will go through the carder really. The bat is made by only passing through the carder once then its spun as it comes. The afternoon class was core spinning. The ladies used a cotton thread and wrapped roving around the cotton thread a bit like this from you tube

 After dinner the ladies were busy knitting there blocks or more of there moebius scarf. 

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