Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wall hanging

Lorna's Flower garden
 My wall hanging is finally finished. I am so happy with how it looks. I finished it off with some beads and buttons that were from my grand mother who died last year, She was my inspiration for all my craft work, because with our her lessons I would not be able to do half the crafts I do now. Since my back injury I have had lots of time to perfect my knitting , crochet and quilting which she taught me how to do when I was a child. I have gone on to teach myself beading and tatting. I spent most of my school holidays on the farm with her because my parents both worked full time. I had the best time helping her warp up her table loom and collecting things to use to make dye for wool we were spinning. So I have named this wall hanging after Lorna , The best grand mother any one could want...
Kathy is helping me tack the wall hanging ready for quilting

Full view of the completed Lorna's Flower Garden

Close up of the lady bird button on the leaf of the flower pot

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