Saturday, May 28, 2011

Side to Side jumper

 I had this yarn I brought as a bag of 18 balls cheap. I didn't then know what to make out of it so it sat in my craft room for over a year waiting. I need a jacket to wear to quilting and such , I searched the patterns on Ravelry and found a side to side jacket that would look better out of coloured yarn but it was the right weight and I had plenty to make it so here is what I have made so far. It a very easy pattern to follow and because its thick yarn it knits up fast and the short rows mean you are only knitting a few stitches each row.
you start with a chain cast on for the left side and then cast on for the sleeve and again for the back . very interesting to knit because you are knitting the whole jacket at once.I have a link below if you are interested in having a go your self.
Side to Side jacket

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