Friday, September 28, 2012


Knitting Board is my latest craze. I stated out with a small  10 inch board. I then brought a purple plastic one , which I have used for several scarfs. The  All in one  was my next purchases. I have made a pair of sock's on this but will have to order the extra sliders if I am going to make some more socks. I found a pattern for loom socks but found it hard to understand because it expected you to have watched CD that comes with the sock loom. I didn't have to sock loom but muddled through.

Sock pattern
2 x 2 rib of sock .  
Tammy's Sock Slippers
2 balls 100 mt 8ply yarn 
all in one loom

Set the loom at 48 stitches 
e wrap cast on, mark stitched with tape to help you remember which is purl and which is knit. as you can see from the above photo I used white tape for the purl stitches. repeat rib for about 2 inches or so . then change to stockinette stitch holding thread in front of hooks. I tried e wrap for the stockinette stitch but this is what it looked like    

 in this photo I have 2 inches of rib then stockinette stitch holding yarn in front of hooks but it was very tight and quite hard to make each stitch, so I changed to e wrap with was much easier and fast to do but it was much too loose. So I reversed knitted back to the tight stockinette. 
working stockinette stitch 
first step of purl stitch 
placing stitch back on hook for the finish of purl stitch 
to turn a heel you us short rows over half the stitches . I have used short rows in normal knitting so had some idea what the pattern meant. You stop and turn wrapping  an extra loop around the last stitch. in the photo below I have 4 wrapped stitches of the heel .

I hope this help you make your own knitting loom or board socks.  

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