Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sock needle's

I have just finished making a little gift for the two ladies at craft who I am teaching how to knit socks. I go to Quorn every other Friday. Last week we started socks from the toe up. I saw these sock needle holders on the net some were but when I wanted the pattern I could not find them, I used #10 pearl cotton and cast on 24 stitches , then knitted in the round for 5 round of rib . then 4 rounds of knit , to decrease for the to I knit 3 , k 2 tog rep round , then knit a round , k 2  k2 tog rep round .next round k , k 1 , k 2 tog . Knit a round last round k 2 tog then run a thread through all stitches and end off by pulling thread inside hat. I made tiny pompoms . I made two hats for each holder. I used a cork in side the hat. I had problems witht he hat elastic staying were I wanted it and my dear hubby drilled a hole through the middle of the corks to thread the elastic through. I hope they work out helpful for the tow sock knitters

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