Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crochet vest

I found this pattern for a crochet jacket and thought Carly (daughter In law to be ) would like it.I found some lovely gold yarn at spot light for an amazing price of $2.00 a ball. The vest was started at the top of the neck and worked top down to the under arms and then the body is crocheted and the sleeves are finished. once I had it made to the under arm join I tried it on Carly and she decided  that a vest instead of a jacket is what she wanted. That was less work for me. It took only 4 days to crochet this and I hope Carly will be happy with it. I had a friend try it on the take the photos as Carly is over 300 km away. thanks Helen for showing how it looks.

If you to want to crochet this vest/ jacket here it the link to the free pattern.

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