Friday, August 26, 2011

Knitting nick nacks

Crochet hook holders


sewing needle holder
The top two  Wooden tools were brought while at the retreat, every day we had a shop of some sort. I had been looking for the Nostepinde pin for a long time and this one was only $10 from a member of the spinners and weavers guild . he makes al-sorts of wooden tools and pins . the crochet hook tubes were the last of his stock he said he was not making them any more so I garbed the last two and they were only $12 each. The needle case at the bottom was given to me by a lady at mum's quilting group . he husband had made them a few years ago and she found a box of them and gave everyone one each. He died about three years ago so it means even more to me .I am hoping to use it for my beading needles.

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