Sunday, May 15, 2011


I have been trying out the magic loop method to knit two socks at a time. 
Its amazing how fast it is, I finished one pair in three days. I have started another pair the same because I I brought two balls of yarn for $5.00 and will get two and a bit pairs out of it. Wayne is quite happy to have two pairs the same colour , I have made the toes different on each pair. If you knit sock and have not tried the magic loop method have a go its fantastic and so easy . Here is the site I use
I only make toe up socks but you can use the loop for top down as well.


Darlene said...

I'm Darlene from the "Socks toe up" group. I stopped by to say; "Hi".

I love your yarn and I too have just started using ML 2 at a time for my socks. It took me a bit longer than you to get my socks done as I had things going on in between the knitting. However, they were STILL completed in less than a month. My first pair of socks (the ML pair were my second pair) were done on DPN's and it took me almost a YEAR to get both of them done. So, like you I LOVE doing socks this way! I agree that this way is SO much faster than DPN's.

Hanswife said...

I love ML and wished I would have tried it earlier. I do see that I not only start but finish more socks now that I do it. wonderful colors your husband is a lucky man

Augusta crafter said...

Thank you both for the great comments. Wayne is very happy with my sock's. I am trying a pair of lace socks in red , I will post a pic soon

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