Monday, February 17, 2014

Butterflies Dreaming

my latest Fibrespace work. The inspirational word for this was "Living in the moment". I found it hard to get an idea but once I saw the beaded Butterfly's on Pinterest I had to make one and then I needed three to balance the whole vine. I was going to make a grape vine but could not think of a way to make it displayable so that's when I thought of the dream catcher.

 . Just for interest each butterfly took me four days to bead each section then on the 5th day I made the body and put it together. the flowers were a lot quicker only about 6 hours. 

The Fibrespace group is working with writers group and we make art work to go with there poem or short story, This time we made the art work first now someone has the write something to go with my art work.
I may make a few more of them but all a bit different

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