Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 2014

2013 was a very bad year for me . It was found that I had a problem with my liver and started treatment in January the  21 . Exactly a year ago. the treatment involved an injection once a week and 24 tablets a day. I am also taking 18 other tables a day for my back pain and heart problem and a couple of vitamins. I was determined that this would work and so far it looks like it has but I will not be in remission until June when I have a biopsy, scan and blood tests. This is why I have not updated this blog much last year. I have been busy doing lots of different crafts because I needed something to keep my mind busy.
Over the last year I have knitted -
Made from Lace yarn form Knit picks sent for my birthday from a Ravelry birthday swap. 

scarf knitted from the Qiviuk below which was given to my for my 50th from Helen.

Lovely Qiviuk wool .
My spinning 

In June I turned 50 and brought a rigid heddle loom , then I brought a 4 shaft table loom

rag rug made from crochet cotton as the warp and 1/2 inch strips of quilting fabric I had dyed a few years ago.  

Test weave made from perle cotton as the weft and the warp is made from a cone of yarn brought at a fibre sale.
Above weaving finished.

Sock yarn as the warp and weft 

 I am still learning how to weave but over this year I hope to get better at it.

Free patterns will continue from next month.

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