Sunday, June 26, 2011


I just have to tell all about Melva . She is a fantastic Quilter. In 2009 she decided to make the nursing home quilts for all there beds over 60 quilts, then she contacted the aged care home and is half way through making all the beds there a quilt. Melva is in her 80s but she runs ring around all the younger quilters, we have trouble making one quilt a year Melva makes quilts in weeks. The above quilt is called jigsaw as you can see its made from scraps of fabric she is trying to use up her stash. 


CHRISG11 said...

i love all your work. you are incredibly talented. I have done knitting & crocheting in the past, but now concentrate on beading. I love the bracelet you started on tues 30 nov. i wonder if you could let me know where you got the pattern from. thanks Chris

Unknown said...

Chrisg11 have posted the link to the bracelet I have made.

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