Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rural Round up

The Quilting guild I am a member of has been selected to host a quilting get together called The Rural Round up. Guilds from around south Australia will be invited to attend next march. We have lots of work do. I am sort of glad I will not be the president next year because this is my third year and you can only stand for three consecutive years. we are making gifts for all who attend which is why we have started already. Yesterday was our first sewing day.   finished needle holders

Finished scissor Keep

 Julie making a round needle case.

 Heather (left ) and Fran (right) making scissor Keeps.
The round needle case ready of someone to sew 

Sharon make quite a few scissor keeps and Pat turned them right side out for her

At the end of the day we had made something like 30 needle case and 13  scissor keeps. we need about 200 things in all.We will have sewing days every other month for the rest of the year.

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